The purpose of the Warrant portion of the website is to assist in the execution of the warrant  and to encourage the person named in the warrant to voluntarily surrender to authorities.

While we make every attempt to ensure the accuracy of our web based warrants, there is no cause for arrest based solely on the information found here.  In ALL cases, warrants MUST BE CONFIRMED with the originating agency AND the issuing court prior to attempting arrest.  Warrants are issued and/or cleared hourly so it is not possible to ensure that all data is current.

ONLY CERTIFIED POLICE OFFICERS should ever attempt to effect the arrest of any person named in this database.  All felons should be considered dangerous. If you have any information on the current location of any person listed, call your local law enforcement or the Montgomery County Sheriffs office.

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Austin, John Daniel

Warrant Number: MGI21CR277
Charges: Probation Violation Court Services
Date: 20220929
Age: 31, Sex: M, Race: W

Bailey, Jerry Lee Jr

Warrant Number: 18TR677C
Charges: Driving while Susp/Canc/Revoked Vehicle registration Vehicle inusrance
Date: 20180927
Age: 55, Sex: M, Race: B

Ballard, Melanie Irene

Warrant Number: MGI21CR327I
Charges: FTA
Date: 20220829
Age: 44, Sex: F, Race: W

Barnes, Candace R

Warrant Number: 15TR1272C
Charges: Driving while cancelled suspended revoked
Date: 20151023
Age: 39, Sex: F, Race: W

Baugh, Timmothy Ray

Warrant Number: 20TR300C
Charges: Failure To Appear
Date: 20201016
Age: 46, Sex: M, Race:

Beard, Casandra Twila Lorraine

Warrant Number: 12CR433I
Charges: Failure To Appear
Date: 20220105
Age: 33, Sex: F, Race: W

Beeman, Michele Larre

Warrant Number: 10TR3431C
Charges: Failure to Appear
Date: 20110309
Age: 40, Sex: F, Race: W

Bennett, Brandon Thomas

Warrant Number: MGI22CR247
Charges: FTA; Flee or attempt to elude; five or more moving violations
Date: 20230118
Age: 37, Sex: M, Race: W

Bennett, Mary Beth

Warrant Number: 16LM66I
Charges: FTA
Date: 20190719
Age: 39, Sex: F, Race: W

Benson, Tony Wayne

Warrant Number: 19CR102I
Charges: FTA
Date: 20191216
Age: 50, Sex: M, Race: W

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