To write to an inmate currently in the Montgomery County Department of Corrections

The letter should be addressed as such:

(The inmates name)
C/O Department of Corrections
300 E. Main Suite 103
Independence, KS. 67301

Listed below are the rules for mail coming into the Montgomery County Department of Corrections:


  • Must be 3″x5″ inches or smaller
  • There can be no more than 5 total photos in an inmates possession
  • No gang symbols, drug, beer or alcohol logos
  • No obscene photos or writing


  • No books or magazines will be accepted
  • No hand colored or discolored paper
  • No markers, crayon, glitter ink, gel ink or water colors
  • No make up
  • No unidentified discoloration or substances
  • No perfume, cologne, or odorous substances
  • No stickers, tape, glue, paste, glitter, white-out, plastic or laminated items
  • No unauthorized correspondence from another jail, prison or penal facility without written permission from both facilities
  • No newspaper print, calendars, paper, envelopes or stamps are allowed
  • All mail must have a complete return address (first and last name and address with zip code)
  • No correspondence with persons on bond, probation, or parole
  • No piggyback letters, one writer per envelope
  • No gang symbols
  • Letters and cards must be signed with full first and last names legibly. The signed name has to match the name on the return address
Montgomery County Sheriff